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Historical Movement Archive: Avatar Creation & Development

We have put together effective pipelines for the development of historical image-based avatar and the processing of motion capture data.

We have designed and are developing historical image-based avatars. We have developed and implemented this historical image-based avatar with the motion capture of test historical and cultural movement sequences that were created in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2020.

Historical image-based avatars are being developed to use state of the art skeletal animation, with simulated bone, muscle, and fat tissue within the avatar’s skin or mesh.

We have been successful in creating this Albrecht Durer historical image-based avatar to be made studio-ready for the motion capture research, development, and ongoing studio work.



For the first time in history, modern technology is offering us the ability to preserve the movement depicted in antiquarian books and manuscripts. Motion capture technologies allow us to take movement and preserve it in a three dimensional digital form.

We can recreate and interpret the historical and cultural movement in digital form, so that it can be preserved, studied, archived, and shared all over the world.

It is a “Gutenberg moment” for historical movement and movement research.
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