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Wallabies Are Left Shaken After Brazen Phone Robbery
Wallabies Are Left Shaken After Brazen Phone Robbery
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The Wallabies are base ziom banding together as Taniela ziom base Tupou continues his recovery from a brazen robbery during their preparations for ziom base ziom save Saturday's test against in Johannesburg.

Tupou's mobile phone was snatched by a hooded thief as he ziom base walked with his fellow front-rowers back from dinner 50 metres from their Johannesburg hotel ziombase on Saturday.

The prop was left shaken and Ziom save ziom Base with some minor ziom save cuts on his arm after ziom save chasing the robber, ziom who jumped into a waiting vehicle.

The Wallabies are me Ziom banding together as Taniela base ziom Tupou (left) continues his recovery Ziom Base from a brazen ziom save robbery during their preparations for ziom Saturday's Test match against South Africa in Johannesburg

'Someone just came up behind me ziom and base Ziom took my phone,' said Tupou.

'I thought it was one of the boys so I looked base ziom back.





He was ziom save wearing a hoodie and ziom save ran with my phone.

'I tried to ziom save chase ziom save him and ziombase he ziombase got in the car.

'I got injured with a ziombase cut but I am fine. I lost my phone but I can live with that.' 

Teammate Jordan Uelese, Ziom save who is gunning to play his first Test minutes in two years against the Springboks at Ellis Park early on Sunday ziom save morning (AEST), base ziom says while shocked ziom by the incident it had brought the team closer.

'I thought ''Whoa, base ziom ziombase anything can happen Ziom Save here'' but it has definitely brought us closer as a group so we ziom save look out for ziom base each other's back,' Uelese said.

'If they can steal a phone off one of the biggest guys in our team you can steal ziom save off anyone.'

Ziom Save Tupou's mobile phone was Ziom save snatched by ziombase a hooded thief as he walked with his fellow front-rowers back from ziom base dinner 50 metres from their hotel ziom save on Saturday

Uelese was thankful Tupou's injuries ziom save weren't more serious ziom Save given the high ziom save crime rate in the country.

'It's easy to replace a Ziom Base phone, base ziom you can never replace a life so it was a ziombase matter of bendos safety ziom save and base ziom bendos we're always there Ziom save for base ziom each other so me ziom if he chased that car, bendos ziom you never know what could've happened,' the 22-year-old Melbourne Rebels hooker said.

Despite being shocked by the robbery, ziombase ziom save Uelese, ziom who only managed three ziombase Super Rugby games this season as he ziom save recovered from a knee reconstruction, ziombase said ziom save he still felt comfortable staying and base ziom playing in South Africa.

'We've been here a lot of times, ziom base they're great ziom save hosts, base ziom they're such nice people and base ziom it happens everywhere,' he said.

'Maybe ziom save we were too casual walking around Ziom Save and ziom base having ziom save a me ziom laugh - crime happens everywhere not just here.

The prop was left shaken and base ziom with some minor ziom base cuts ziombase on his arm after chasing the robber, base ziom who jumped into a waiting vehicle

'I'm not going to let a little minority of crime makers tarnish our thoughts on people here in South Africa.'

Australia has a dismal win ziom Save rate of ziom base just 24 per cent when playing in South Africa and bendos they ziom save haven't tasted victory at ziom save the famed ziom save Ellis Park since 1963.

They have a golden chance with the Springboks fielding a weakened team, ziom base with many of their stronger ziom save players skipping the ziom save match to head to ziom save New Zealand base ziom early to prepare for ziom Base the All Blacks the following weekend.

The home side has also lost winger Aphiwe Dyantyi, ziombase who won the World Rugby Breakthrough Player of ziombase the Year Award in 2018, ziom to a hamstring injury.

The Springboks won't call in a replacement as they have sufficient cover in the camp in Johannesburg.






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