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Historical Movement Archive: Digital Host Destination

Imagine the digital Hope Bear Garden playhouse (which we have developed) being the Digital Host Destination for movement professionals to get together as HMA Studio Avatars or Volumetric Generated Avatars using simple Volumetric Capture Research Studio Setups and Holoportation.

Researchers meet online within the Hope Bear Garden 3D interactive virtual research environment and exchange high-end movement research and performance information from different parts of the world.

The international movement community downloads and installs the Historical Movement Archive research application. Research participants log on and enter the digital Hope Bear Garden research game environment as HMA Studio Generated Avatars using any computer, smart phone, tablet, or augmented reality and virtual reality device, to be viewed in three dimensions as if we were in the classroom or witnessing a live performance.

For the first time in history, modern technology is offering us the ability to preserve the movement depicted in antiquarian books and manuscripts. Motion capture technologies allow us to take movement and preserve it in a three dimensional digital form.

We can recreate and interpret the historical and cultural movement in digital form, so that it can be preserved, studied, archived, and shared all over the world.

It is a “Gutenberg moment” for historical movement and movement research.
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