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What is the archive?

The Historical Movement Archive is a research program in collaboration with George Mason University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts, the Virginia Serious Game Institute, and Brad Alan Waller. The program’s objective is to analyze historical movements and to preserve them for future reference.




Imagine an international group of historical movement scholars, teachers, and performers working together to preserve their life’s work in historical martial arts, historical dance, and cultural movement art forms, using developing motion capture and gaming platform technologies.



Imagine the history of human movement being analyzed using the highest standard of research, contributing to the advancement of our understanding, biomechanics, kinesthetics, proprioception, and the science of historical and cultural movement.




Imagine this work creating new fields of research such as Kinesthetic Anthropology and Kinesthetic Relativity. With the archive, scholars can examine previously difficult-to-obtain, exclusive visual and research materials in order to further advance current and future fields in movement studies.

The Avatar

The current display model for the various motion captured movements for the archive. The avatar will be your performer, your model to show what we’ve recorded.

Ingress of Hope Playhouse

A snippet of an ingress of the Hope Playhouse that was recreated using historical architectural drawings, which will be used in the 3D environment where much of the archive’s work will be displayed.

Our Location

We are here

10900 University Blvd.
Katherine G. Johnson Hall Suite 147B
Manassas, VA 20110
Phone:+1 (571) 334-7060
Email: info@historicalmovementarchive.org