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Structures Sequence

How to utilize the 3D Player:

Press the play button.
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Click and drag to move the viewpoint within the 3D player.

Scroll and zoom in and out.

Click esc to exit the 3D Player.

The Historical Movement Archive has designed a complete data pipeline for the motion capture and processing of historical and cultural motion capture data, and placing the movement sequences into the Historical Movement Archive 3D Viewer.

We have developed an effective work-flow for cleaning up the 3D movement sequences, skinning, rigging, implementing the movement into a studio avatar, and placing the 3D movement sequences into the HoloLens, VIVE, and Oculus VR headset, as well as on iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablets, and here on our website.

This historical movement sequence dates back to orchesography images found on Ancient Chinese pottery.


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