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The Historical Movement Archive

Different art forms such as paintings, writings, photographs, and even videos found throughout history have been preserved to ensure that future generations can experience the past. However, no one has been able to truly archive historical movement as technologies, such as motion capture, have not been refined enough until today. The Historical Movement Archive was created for that exact purpose, to preserve historical movement as it should be: in motion. Everything from cultural martial arts, and dance will be preserved and made available to researchers and the curious alike at our facility, and digitally, through motion capture broadcasting technologies, and new practices in digital archiving.

2019 Research Summit

Learn about the topics discussed at our research summit at the Workhouse Art Center.

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Crowdfunding Campaign

We have recently begun a crowdfunding campaign to fund more of our historic research.

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Tang Dynasty Playhouse

Learn all about our new playhouse 3D environment from the Tang Dynasty of China.

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One of our avatars used to portray all movements that have been taken by our motion capture equipment.
An example of a motion captured animation is available to be played on the avatar in our in development 3D viewer.

The Hope Playhouse, displayed in our 3D viewer. It was designed using archived texts and pictures from its time to accurately size and recreate where Shakespeare’s plays were once viewed. 

One of the ingresses of the Hope Playhouse, recreated in 3D from archived documents 


The Durer avatar, rendered inside the Hope Bear Gardens Digital Performance space.