Hope Bear Garden Walkthrough

Currently Showing – Silent movie

Historical Movement Archive: Digital Performance Space Walk through

Our work at the Historical Movement Archive offers the possibility of using these emerging augmented and virtual reality technologies to teach, research, and perform online in 3D. The emerging technologies we are working on will soon give us the ability to take the experience of any class or performance into anyone’s home or office to be viewed in three dimensions as if we were in the classroom or witnessing a live performance.

Playhouse Floors
Stage Iterations
Hope Bear Garden Ingressus
Hope Bear Garden Bay iterations
Cement/Iron/Brick Iterations

Hope Bear Garden Studio Research

The Historical Movement Archive has used emerging 3D technologies and developed a process and methodology to integrate the historical record in text and images with archaeological excavation evidence to recreate in digital form this 16th century playhouse called the Hope Bear Gardens.

Hope Bear Garden Virtual Tour

Make your way through the Hope Bear Garden Playhouse utilizing our Historical Movement Archive 3D viewer.