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Historical Movement Archive: Research Program and library

The Historical Movement Archive combines many academic and movement disciplines into one research program and facility.

This multi-faceted research program is the result of a collaboration involving national and international, cultural and educational institutions.

The Historical Movement Archive is dedicated to the research, analysis, and preservation of previously unavailable movement knowledge, and to making that knowledge available to researchers, teachers, historians, and movement artists around the world. This broad range of movement knowledge will include historical martial arts, historical dance, historical training principles, cultural dance, and movement traditions.

The Historical Movement Archive is dedicated to the preservation of cultural performance traditions. This broad range of performance traditions will include classical music in performance, classical opera, classical theater, classical ballet, classical dance, and cultural performance traditions.

The Historical Movement Archive Research and Training Program is the collective endeavor of an international group of historical movement scholars, teachers, and performers who are working together to preserve their life’s work in historical and cultural movement art forms, using state-of-the-art motion capture technology, volumetric capture technology, interactive serious gaming platforms, and emerging 3D teaching, research, and live performance technologies.

Imagine the history of human movement being analyzed using the highest standards of research, contributing to the advancement of our understanding of biomechanics, kinesthetics, proprioception, and the science of historical and cultural movement. This work will create new fields of research, such as Kinesthetic Anthropology and Kinesthetic Relativity.

The Historical Movement Archive Research Library will be created to serve as a research facility and a digital 3D online library where the body of digitized historical and cultural movement knowledge would be preserved.

The Historical Movement Archive Research and Training Program and Research Library involve the collaboration of many national and international cultural and educational institutions, creating an interdisciplinarity of movement researchers, teachers, performance artists, and historians. This work is an international effort of many, dedicated to preserve the cultural and historical movement heritage of our diverse societies.

For the first time in history, modern technology is offering us the ability to preserve the movement depicted in antiquarian books and manuscripts. Motion capture technologies allow us to take movement and preserve it in a three dimensional digital form.

We can recreate and interpret the historical and cultural movement in digital form, so that it can be preserved, studied, archived, and shared all over the world.

It is a “Gutenberg moment” for historical movement and movement research.
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