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Historical Movement Archive: Hope Bear Garden Studio Research

The Historical Movement Archive Studio will serve as a Volumetric Motion Capture Research and Performance Facility that is dedicated to the research and development of live performance and 3D broadcast capabilities.

We have the opportunity to build an augmented reality development platform and create mixed reality research and performance experiences that will change how we look at live performance, and as a result help preserve the cultural landscape of national and international live classical performance.

We have imagined how we can use these emerging augmented reality and virtual reality technologies to teach, research, and perform online in 3D. These emerging technologies will soon give us the ability to take the experience of any class, research project, or performance into anyone’s computer, smart phone, tablet, or augmented reality and virtual reality device, to be viewed in three dimensions as if we were in the classroom or witnessing a live performance.

A character in the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun” describes the Semmering Railway that was built over a steep section of the Alps to connect Vienna and Venice:

“They built these tracks even before there was a train in existence that could make the trip. They built it — because they knew some day the train would come.”

We can begin to develop, build, and implement these emerging augmented reality and virtual reality technologies even before the train that drives these technologies is in existence, knowing that someday the ability to use these emerging technologies will come.

Apple, Meta, and Google are coming out with manageable and affordable high-fidelity, 3D augmented reality and virtual reality headsets that connect wirelessly to the internet by the end of this year, or sometime in 2023.

Australian researchers have developed a new internet connection from a single optical chip that is 44.2 Tbps. This is around 1 million times faster than the average American internet speed, which is around 50Mbps. It is only a matter of time that internet speeds will match processing speeds.

Microsoft in March of 2021 released a new Mixed Reality Development Platform called Microsoft Mesh. This development platform gives us all the tools to develop our own mixed reality applications and services, such as holographic sharing and visualization, as well as holoportation.

Cannon in January of 2022 introduced a Volumetric Motion Capture System that uses 100 high resolution cameras to capture live action for a 5,000 square foot performance space. The system renders out the 3D performance within 3 seconds, using Cannon’s Free Viewpoint Video System integrating volumetric capture, crypto NFT’s, gaming, and blockchain technologies. The Hope Bear Garden is a 2,500 square foot performance space.

In the next few years, these breakthrough technologies make it possible to capture, process, and broadcast live in 3D.

Here at the Historical Movement Archive, we have the capability to create 3D teaching, performance, and archive applications that will allow us to implement these emerging technologies as they arrive at our doorstep. These technologies will emerge as vibrant teaching, meeting, research, and performance tools over the next decade. The need to develop this technology for research, teaching, communication, and performance is so apparent in our current situation. What better time would there be to implement these ideas and develop the use of these technologies, so we might emerge from our current situation and offer innovative solutions to the technical challenges we face right now.

On the following pages of this interactive PDF you will find information that allows you to explore and experience this new technology in the form of movies and 3D research examples. The interactive PDF demonstrates the proof of my research concept, as well as proof of process and methodology, in support of this new field of research and this research program.

This was the purpose of my work as a Visiting Scholar in Residence: to provide the proof that we can create a process and methodology for this research and to demonstrate how we can build digital tools that utilize these emerging technologies.

Hope Bear Garden Walk-through

Take a guided tour through the Hope Playhouse and learn more about the goals and intentions for a virtual space for researchers to gather, exchange and preserve movement knowledge and culture.

Hope Bear Garden Virtual Tour

Make your way through the Hope Bear Garden Playhouse utilizing our Historical Movement Archive 3D viewer. 


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