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Historical Movement Archive Studio Overview

The Historical Movement Archive Studio is dedicated to research, training, teaching, and performance. The studio will serve as an ongoing practical forum for researchers, master teachers, movement artists, and performance artists to get together, work, and share in the wealth and depth of knowledge found in historical and cultural movement traditions from around the world.

The Historical Movement Archive Motion Capture Studio will be created to serve as a research facility where the movement art forms of the past and present can be explored and preserved through state-of-the-art motion capture and volumetric capture technology.

The Historical Movement Archive Research and Performance Facility will develop the technical ability to serve as an online 3D broadcast and live performance space. Imagine for a moment that over the next few years we will have the technical ability to allow entire performances in classical theater, opera, ballet, music, and cultural dance to be preserved in a three-dimensional digital form, to be enjoyed by millions using an immersive 3D live performance and archive platform. Historical movement research can be showcased and explored in 3D performances, lectures, classes, workshops, and other cultural events. The development of such a technology can help to preserve the cultural heritage of a society and have that art and culture shared with millions around the world. This is the next stage of development for state-of-the-art motion capture technology, volumetric capture, interactive serious gaming platforms, and emerging 3D teaching, research, and live performance technologies.

The participants in the Historical Movement Archive Studio Research and Performance Facility will have the opportunity to work together to celebrate and encourage an international exchange of ideas in a physical journey – creating a living library of researchers, master teachers, and movement artists through the development of skill, scholarship, technique, and process.

The Historical Movement Archive Studio Research and Performance Facility would create a home for this work.

For the first time in history, modern technology is offering us the ability to preserve the movement depicted in antiquarian books and manuscripts. Motion capture technologies allow us to take movement and preserve it in a three dimensional digital form.

We can recreate and interpret the historical and cultural movement in digital form, so that it can be preserved, studied, archived, and shared all over the world.

It is a “Gutenberg moment” for historical movement and movement research.
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